Microsoft AppFactory
Microsoft App Factory – The Ghana AppFactory is part of Microsoft’s 4Afrika initiative. The AppFactory is aimed at equipping young software developers and coders with hands-on experience, while helping them build critical business skills to secure jobs or create their own businesses. Participants will be mentored by senior software architects and app developers on how to design, implement and manage complex projects. Mobile Web Ghana partnered with Microsoft to bring the AppFactory to Ghana. Click here to apply Microsoft Appfactory Training.
Code for Ghana
Code for Ghana – Code for Ghana aims to use open data and technology to promote responsive, innovative and effective governance. During the pilot project in 2015, software developers and data fellows were embedded in media organisations for a period of six months. During this period, the Data Fellows and Developers worked with their host organisations on open data projects.Visit .
TechPlus TV
Tech Plus TV is an online channel dedicated to providing first-hand information on tech startups, events and entrepreneurship. Viewers are sure to get updates on news and trends in the ever-changing technological world on this channel. If you are interested in discovering new technological innovations and collaborating with software developers and entrepreneurs, this is the place for you. Visit
Females in Mobile Entrepreneurship (FiME) – Females in Mobile Entrepreneurship (FiME) is an initiative of Mobile Web Ghana to increase female participation in Science, Technology, Engineering Mathematics (STEM). This programme seeks to foster entrepreneurship and empower females through mobile technology training and events.We believe that the technology industry would grow tremendously if there is increased female participation in the ecosystem. In 2014, 15 young ladies were taken through the Mobile Entrepreneurship course.
mCare Africa
mCareAfrica is a non-profit organisation that provides locally-relevant maternal and child health related information for prospective mothers, pregnant women, nursing mothers and all caregivers. The foremost objective of mCareAfrica is to save the lives of the mother and baby with the right information. Secondly, it is to empower women to have control over their pregnancies and knowledge to detect possible abnormalities during the period of pregnancy and growing their children.
UWAT – The Unlocking Women and Technology (UWAT) program is a program aimed at assisting women entrepreneurs with technological skills to enable the growth of their business, careers, and life.The UWAT program will include Coding Classes, Business & Entrepreneurship Workshops, Interactive Classes, and Networking Events all geared towards empowering women to innovate through technology. Visit
Visuals for Gender
Visuals for Gender is an initiative that seeks to equip citizens, policy makers and Civil Society Organisations to understand gender-based issues using both dynamic and static data visualizations. The goal is to highlight the critical gender-related issues in our society, share them with citizens, policymakers and journalists to take actions on them. The data sets we use are on the following cases , violence, child marriages, defilement, rape etc. This is an open data project that brings to the limelight gender issues for discussion and for actions to be taken. Some of the activities that will be undertaken during this project include, capacity building for gender-based Civil Society Organisations, policy dialog and partnership with media organisations to achieve our objectives.