Who we are

Logo - onlyMany people in Ghana are passionate about Information Technology. Their dream is to develop mobile or web services that can be useful to their communities. Another dream that many Ghanaians share is to become entrepreneurs, own businesses and run them successfully. Mobile Web Ghana was created to marry these two ambitions of Ghanaians.

Our aim is to boost the uptake of mobile technology in Ghana through technology entrepreneurship. Mobile Web Ghana was created as part of the World Wide Web Foundation’s Mobile Entrepreneurs in Africa program (sponsored by Vodafone) in 2010. We help passionate people become mobile-technology entrepreneurs, by teaching them to create software applications that are accessible via mobile phones (whether via mobile websites, apps, SMS, or voice). We also want to make them develop the business side of technology, and teach them mobile business: start-ups, market research, business models, etc. We run Mobile Entrepreneurship training sessions. Experts in the field come and teach one of 6 modules.During the training, trainees also develop their own services, with the help of the trainers. The training is followed by a period of mentorship and incubation, where promising projects can be developed further, and moved towards becoming commercial services.

We are located in North Legon, Accra, our space is opened to everyone: developers, designers, students, entrepreneurs, government employees, journalists, technology enthusiasts and the list goes on. At Mobile Web Ghana we cherish and hold dear our clients and trainees; we collaborate, share knowledge and solve problems together. Apart from our training programmes, we also organise regular events on civic tech, technology entrepreneurship, hackathons and other interesting stuff. So simply sign up to become a member of the Mobile Web Ghana family or walk in and let’s exchange an idea or two. You’ll be glad you did.