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Technology Hub

Mobile Web Ghana as a hub offers services to startups and individuals to aid them their formative years up on till when they fully-fletched businesses. Some of the services we provide to startups and individuals include:

 – Affordable office space

 – Free internet and utilities

 – Capacity building events

 – Partnerships and mentorship

 – Access to funding opportunities

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ICT4D Projects / IT Consultancy

Based on the wealth of experience we have in the Ghanaian tech space, we also offer consultancy services to companies, international organizations and tech startups.

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Open Data Projects

Mobile Web Ghana is very active in the Open Data space in Ghana. We have undertaken a  number of projects that sought to open up government data to the general public, establish a ‘data analysis/visualization’ culture in Ghanaian newsrooms and also build the capacity of members of staff of government Ministries, Departments and Agencies including open data enthusiasts. The vision we have for this country is that very soon we would see government institutions open up their data which will engender a lot innovations in the country.


Startup Incubation & Mentoring

The startups are the smaller IT companies who are usually now starting to grow and find their feet in the industry. They often provide simple IT solutions to clients on-demand or develop software to help ease the work of people working in an entire industry. We are devoted to seeing the ones in a community grow and flourish to their fullest potential.


Girls in ICT

Women are poorly represented in the technology ecosystem in the country. We recognize that this is a global phenomenon as well. To curb the situation and bring some balance in the technology space in the country and beyond, we are constantly organizing training programs for women. The Females In Mobile Entrepreneurship (FiME) training program, was started in 2014 to train young ladies who desire to be software entrepreneurs.