Increased Knowledge In Mobile Entrepreneurship

Guest post by Abdulai Iddrisu, participant in the current training session

Abdulai Iddrisu is my name. I come from Tamale in the northern region of Ghana. I am a   thirty-two year gentleman. I hold a Higher National Diploma in Accountancy, a level two student member of Association of certified charted Accountants and currently in my final year at the University of Ghana, Legon offering Business Administration. Though my academic career is base on Accounting, I am also passionate about ICT.

My first exposure to ICT was in 2001 at Tamale Polytechnic where I offered my Higher National Diploma in Accountancy. Computer literacy was one of the subjects I studied at my first year in polytechnic where for the first time I got the chance to touch a computer in the computer Lab. It was actually interesting experience for me. For this reason I was very delighted and desperate for any opportunity that will lead me to study ICT. It was therefore welcoming news when my elder sister opened a business centre to run photocopy and secretarial services on campus where I was asked to manage the business. It was there I became a bit enlighten on ICT.  Working on my project also helps me to become familiar on the use of internet where I had to do some research on the internet to get access to certain information to complete my project work.

After completion of my course in Tamale Polytechnic in 2003, I took the opportunity to go to computer training school at “Clinton computers” at Tamale. There I learned both software and Hardware. To build my knowledge on what I have learnt, I joined friends who were already in ICT business to gain more experience. In no time I became a computer Technician where I started repairing desktops and Laptops.

Base on my desire to learn more about ICT, I enrolled to be trained as Microsoft Certified IT Professional. In my first week at the training, the sight that greeted me was a big opportunity that I had dreamt of “Mobile Web Ghana Training Program”. I quickly applied and fortunately on my part I was admitted. Though I have learned entrepreneurship in school, Mobile Web Ghana has actually made me learn the practical aspect of entrepreneurship Now I am very confident to implement any entrepreneurial project without fear.

MWG training program has broadened my knowledge on Mobile entrepreneurship, mobile technologies and programming.

The program has also enhanced my creative thinking, research and exposure to other entrepreneurs who are in the business world. Through the program, I am currently working with a group to develop mobile application called “Zoom-Mobile” which is a mobile base service that facilitates waste management system in Ghana.

In conclusion, I wish to express my profound gratitude and greatest appreciation to the organisers and those who funded this program.