Mobile West Africa was started in 2011 and has since established itself as the leading event so far as mobile technology is concerned within the sub-region. It is a very enlightening conference that seeks to contribute greatly to the mobile-tech industry in Africa every year. Attendees always leave satisfied and inspired to face the world and come up with innovations that will benefit humanity.

Since its commencement in 2011, the team has tried its best to organize a yearly conference that focuses on the business opportunities of mobile technology. Innovative ideas abound in Africa. Sometimes it is not the lack of it that is the problem, but how such ideas make business-sense. Especially to investors, a brilliant idea means nothing until it is tailored in a way that it can accrue profit. This is the aspect of mobile entrepreneurship that most people either overlook or are poorly informed about. However, this is the conference for any of such people: a conference that will expose you to hidden business truths. The conference will be held in lagos from 21st to 23rd April. Organizers have done a good job over the years, thereby earning the accolades of attendees of past conferences. The aim of organizers is to improve every year. They do this by taking the feedbacks they receive from attendees seriously.

This year’s event will be graced by some distinguished speakers who are well-versed in the technology industry (Click here to see them). The speakers are mostly CEOs of tech companies with adequate experience in the field. There is no doubt that their presentations will impact positively all who will be present there.

The event attracts various stakeholder groups of the industry. This makes it conducive to have discussions and interactions with fellow attendees that might result in partnerships. Such discussions will also expose you to the tremendous work others are doing elsewhere in the industry. It will also serves as an avenue to impart and receive knowledge. The benefits of attending this conference are enormous; mobile-technology enthusiasts all over Africa must endeavor to attend the event. The staggering statistics indicating that Africa is the second biggest market for mobile handsets in the world must be taken advantage of. It only goes to show that there is a ready market for mobile-technology innovations. This is certainly good news to all who are interested but this fact will not have any impact on the continent if it is not leveraged.

In light of this, we would like to invite all who are interested to this year’s Mobile West Africa conference. To learn more about the event, Click here. And follow this link to register. It is just 5 weeks away and delegate places are currently priced between $350 and $750, depending on how much of the event you choose to attend. Do not miss this career-changing opportunity.




Lexis Ntiamoah Ayisi

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