Microsoft App Factory Internship 2018

The Microsoft App Factory Internship has been ongoing at Mobile Web Ghana since December 2016. The internship grooms software developers, especially those who have just graduated from tertiary institutions in the country and are looking to build themselves up to suit the requirements of the ever competitive technology industry.

Since its commencement, the past interns have gone on to start their own software companies while others have gained employment with some reputable I.T companies in the country. The internship is not characterized by the monotonous and often ineffective theoretical training that most people undergo in their pursuit to become software developers. This program is designed to introduce each of the interns to different ways of developing solutions for real-world problems. Over the past year, we have seen the interns grow from amateurs to professional developers who have worked on a number of projects for renowned personalities and organizations. The interns built a web application for a charity program for one of the most popular radio personalities in Ghana. The web application,, helps users make a donation to the charity for the purchase of incubators for some hospitals in Ghana that need it badly. Some of the other interns have gained employment at I.T companies such as Express Pay Ghana, FINXL Business Solutions Ltd. etc.

It is our desire that many other aspiring tech-entrepreneurs would take advantage of this opportunity and build themselves up before they launch out into the rough terrain of the technology industry in Ghana. If you are interested in interning at the Microsoft App Factory this year, follow THIS LINK to register to be a part of this life-changing experience. It is a 3-month long internship and each intern is required to pay a commitment fee of 550 Ghana cedis. Do call 0302 505824 if you have any questions.