Data Reporting for SDGs Capacity Building Program

Mobile Web Ghana’s team of facilitators spent many weeks on the road in 2019 facilitating training sessions aimed at building the capacity of government workers, journalists and staff members of CSOs/NGOs. The training sessions were expected to prepare the participants to start incorporating data analysis in their reporting on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Last week, our team of facilitators again led sessions in a 2-day capacity building program for members of staff of the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLGRD) and the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC).

Our team facilitated sessions on data reporting on the SDGs and how to use some simple data analysis and visualization tools to effectively communicate data to target audiences. The two institutions whose staff were trained happen to be institutions that deal with a lot of data on the development of the country. To commence the training, Florence Toffa, the Director of Mobile Web Ghana, took the participants through a session which was aimed at giving them a good understanding of the SDGs and how essential data is to the achievement of the goals in Ghana and even globally. The second session which was facilitated by Dr. Nana Baah Gyan was also focused on building the capacity of the participants in understanding concepts related to data storytelling and communication. The second part of his session was on the use of Microsoft Excel in data analysis. As a team, we are of the view that there is a lot one can achieve even with simple software tools in whatever field they find themselves in. There are highly skilled IT professionals whose main duty is to use sophisticated IT tools to create value and solve problems in their line of work. However, there is also a huge percentage of government workers who are highly skilled in other fields but need to have basic knowledge of how some software work. This would make them more efficient at their work and increase productivity. Therefore, the team decided to introduce the participants to the data analysis and visualization capabilities of some tools the participants were already familiar with, like Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint. The infographic design session with Microsoft Powerpoint was facilitated by Elikplim Sabblah and the second part of that session which had to do with infographic design with Canva was facilitated by Florence Toffa. The participants were full of enthusiasm and eagerness to acquire new knowledge and skills all throughout the 2-day program. The last session was on the use of Tableau Public for data analysis and visualization. 

Our team of facilitators find fulfillment in building the capacity of people who need the skills to be more efficient at their work. Therefore, anytime we are called upon to do such training, we do so with all seriousness and professionalism. This training program was no different. The positive feedback we received alone was proof that our work was done and definitely done well. We would like to appreciate Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) for partnering with us and the participants for their dedication throughout the two days that we facilitated the training program.