Makerspace For Youth :Creating Community Solutions with Change Makers

The reasons why people decide at a certain point in their lives to start a business are innumerable. The lack of jobs among the  youth has  been known to have a consequential effect on their health, well being and future. Hence there is an urgent need for the  youth to be equipped with  entrepreneurial skills to give them stability in the labor market.


The US Embassy Ghana in collaboration with Mobile Web Ghana organized a Bead  training session for the youth dubbed “ Creating Community Solutions with Change Makers” at the American Corner, Agbogba. 

Florence Toffa, the director of Mobile Web Ghana introduced the audience to an amazing Change Maker in the Entrepreneurship Space, Mrs Elfrida Forkuor . She holds a degree in Information Studies with Sociology and an MBA in Human Resources Management from the University of Ghana. Also she has worked with Barclays Bank of Ghana, FNB Bank and International Water Management Institute. To top it all, Mrs Forkuor is a well seasoned entrepreneur in bead making.


The training session began with an insightful presentation about bead making covering the transitions bead – making had gone through as well as the essential tools and materials needed to start this amazing craft. Thereafter the audience were taught how to use beads to make beautiful hand bracelets and earrings .

Did you know that beading can relieve stress, lower blood pressure and keep motor, cognitive and visual perspective sharp? It was so super exciting to the extent that all the Representatives of the US Embassy Ghana at the event  and the Director of Mobile Web Ghana jumped right into the enjoyable activity. 


Bead work is  a beautiful artistic work and beads are globally used in different industries to deliver aesthetic appeal to products. The participants could not hide their joy and appreciation in being empowered with new skills for the labor market  through beadmaking.