Attending book reading events is enjoyable not only because one gets to know their favorite writers better, but also the participants of such events get the privilege to build  a relationship with the written word and inspire them to pursue creative endeavors 

This experience was made possible by the US Embassy Ghana in collaboration with Mobile Web Ghana on the 19th January,2023  at the American Corner,Agbogba.

The awe-inspiring  author, Joe Erilande Sully is a journalist, poet and essayist with over 15 years of writing experience. He is the publisher  and founder of Bridegevision  production, survivor and witness of Haiti‚Äôs earthquake on January 12,2010. 

America is renowned as the country of opportunity, where anyone, regardless of background, may succeed at everything they set their minds to. In order to take advantage of these opportunities, thousands of people immigrate to the United States each year from all over the world, and Joe E. Sully is a living example of how anyone can succeed in America.

He discussed the background of his migration and writing journey while highlighting the lessons found in his freshly released book, “SURVIVING AMERICA” ( From the bench to the podium). Joe E. Sully  repeated that having a clear vision, tenacity, and a good-kind of stubbornness were the keys to his success as a writer and owner of a publishing company in Washington, DC.


Speaking about his experiences, he declared, “I’ve been a survivor my entire life. In Haiti, I survived the presidency of Tonton Macoute and the political exile of dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier. In the United States, I have suffered divorce, separation, and battles with second-class citizens.”

He gave the audience a rundown of his greatest achievements while also highlighting his ongoing personal growth, his developing writing profession, and his bright future as a public speaker in America


At the start of his speech, the audience made it clear that they wanted to question him about his writing process. The audience leaped up and down to ask him exciting questions about his literary career and how he made it in America, piquing their attention.


Various organizations from across the nation made up the audience for the session. Students from Kwabenya Senior High and Accra Girls, representatives from the Ama Ata Baidoo Centre, participants in the US Embassy Book Discussion, and other authors were all guests at the program