Getting Job-Ready: American Corner Agbogba’s Mock Interview Prepares Participants for Success

In today’s competitive job market, it is essential to be prepared for an interview. A mock interview is an excellent tool for job seekers to practice their interview skills before the actual interview. 

The American Spaces and Support Programming Project, sponsored by the US Embassy Ghana in partnership with Mobile Web Ghana  is aimed at working with  recruitment agencies, entrepreneurs and women led organizations to empower, prepare, build and develop  the youth and women with work-readiness skills such as communication, personal skills, job retention, career options, mock interviews, conflict management. The program covers three broad areas: Get Ready for Work Series, Women Empowerment – Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship Coaching Series and Girl Mentorship Programs.


As part of the on-going American Spaces & Support programming  project.  A Mock interview which forms part of the Get-Ready-For-Work-Chat -Series was hosted at American Corner Agbogba on the 5th of April,2023.The event was aimed at helping participants improve their interview skills and gain confidence in their ability to successfully interview for job positions. The event was open to anyone interested in improving their interview skills.

Over 20 participants witnessed and participated in Mock Interview  facilitated by Mr. Joseph Sam , Human Resource Practitioner – Elidel Prestige Limited who has a considerable years of experience as a human resource Manager  in the Media Space, oil and Gas as well as Hospitality Industries. 

During the interview, the interviewer asked some of the  participants a series of questions related to their background, work experience, and skills. After each interview, the interviewer provided constructive feedback on the participant’s performance, highlighting areas of strength and areas that needed improvement.

Some key takeaways from this session includes:

  • An interview is an opportunity to sell yourself to an organization.
  • One should be able to defend what is on his or her curriculum vitae (cv) during interviews.
  •  Make it a point to connect with the interviewer.
  • Attend an interview fully prepared.
  • Conduct research about the organization you want to work for.
  • Show passion and enthusiasm during an interview.


Overall, the mock interview was a success. Participants were able to practice their interview skills in a supportive environment and received valuable feedback on their performance. Many participants reported feeling more confident and better prepared for future interviews. 

The US Embassy Ghana in partnership with Mobile Web Ghana and Elidel Prestige Ltd hosts this series both virtually and In-person programs weekly to help individuals to Get-Work-Ready to achieve their career goals.

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