The Action Aid Efficient Revenue Collection Project for District/Municipal Assemblies

Mobile Web Ghana, in partnership with Action Aid Ghana, is helping make the revenue collection activities in some selected municipal/district assemblies in Ghana more effective and efficient. We have been tasked as an organization to train district revenue collectors and set up an efficient system for the revenue mobilization system in two assemblies in the Greater Accra Region and Brong Ahafo region. In Greater Accra, we are working with the La Nkwantanang Madina Municipal Assembly (LaNMMA) and Sunyani West District Assembly (SWDA) in the Brong Ahafo region. 

The Mobile Web Ghana team first conducted a revenue assessment of both assemblies in the early parts of the year. This involved identifying revenue streams, gaps and proposed remedial solutions in both assemblies. The next phase of the project after the revenue assessment is the deployment of a software on Point of Sale (POS) devices to help in revenue collection. This involved the development of the said software and installing it on the POS devices. This phase also includes the development of a dashboard which will be accessed by administrators at the two assemblies.

Earlier this week, our team conducted a series of training sessions in accordance with the ultimate goal of this project. The training sessions were done specifically in Accra. The first one, which was conducted on 2nd March, 2020 at LaNMMA, was for the revenue collectors. They were taught how to use the POS devices to collect revenue in the field. The revenue collectors are sent to the field to collect revenue from property owners, business owners, food vendors, hawkers, car owners etc. These are all major sources of revenue for assemblies all over the country. Other sources of revenue for assemblies include parking tolls, terminal tolls, driver permit etc.

The second training event that was held this week was on 4th March, 2020 at Mobile Web Ghana. This was for the staff of LaNMMA who will be the administrators of the dashboard. The dashboard affords them the opportunity to view the revenue that’s coming in and from which sources. 

After the training program, the administrators were taken to the field to test the POS devices.