Visit the American Corner Agbogba

American Corner Agbogba is an open access space to the public, which offers current and reliable information about the United States through its resources such as internet access, book collections, events and activities for everyone.

The Corner is supported by the US Embassy Ghana, as its partnership with Mobile Web Ghana. Mobile Web Ghana is a technology and entrepreneurship hub that empowers people to develop mobile and web applications and open data solutions to solve local problems.


The Corner has resources in the form of books (digital and hard copies) and offers an open space for students, professionals, entrepreneurs and anyone who will benefit greatly. There are also books for those interested in preparing for international exams in the USA, writing graduate program essays and searching for universities in the United States of America. There are books ranging from GRE, GMAT, SAT, ACT, TOEFL, Colleges and Universities as well as information on specific graduate programs all aimed at making research and learning easy for the students. In addition is an online resource called elibraryUSA which is a virtual library that gives you access to millions of publications, scholarly journals, eBooks, audio, video and other multi-media content. There are also novels, books on leadership, career and entrepreneurship that will add value to your knowledge and skills.

The US Embassy Ghana also provides education consultancy for students through its department called EducationUSA. EducationUSA offers a range of free services to students in Ghana to help them understand and choose colleges or universities in the United States. Students who wish to have counseling sessions can book arrangements through American Corner Agbogba or visit their website. The Corner is also available to students when they are on vacation.

Access to the Corner and all programs is free and open to everyone. The Corner is located in Mobile Web Ghana at Agbogba, North Legon near Antis Ltd. The working hours are from Monday to Friday between 9:00am-5:00pm. All we require from you to be able to access the space is a National ID and observance of Covid-19 protocols.

Click here to have a virtual experience of the Corner on the US Embassy Ghana YouTube page.

Whenever you are in the vicinity, stop by and enjoy the amazing resources available.