Can you imagine your classroom being 68 square miles of the most consequential land on Earth?  George Washington University  is a private federally chartered  research University in Washington, D.C and is the largest institution of higher education in the District of Columbia. 

Education USA  in Collaboration with George Washington University held an information session at the American Corner Agbogba on the 14th of November,2022. 

Florence Toffa, Director of  Mobile Web Ghana echoed in her open remarks  edged the participants of the session to leverage on the opportunities that such Information Sessions offers. She added “ Even if you are not interested in the information, do share what you learn here within your circle, you never know who vitally needs the information you are about to receive today ”

The session was a super practical and engaging one, The Facilitator took keen interest  in participants by asking them about  their  career interest  as well as the their future goals.

The facilitator added  “ At George Washington University, we offer a variety of graduate programs to meet the needs, interests and goals of our students. From fine arts to biology, computer science to political management, we are confident that you can find a program at GW that will assist you take your career  to the next level”

http://The George Washington University: Raise High

She went further to give the audience a tour of George Washington University via a  video. It featured the intriguing strategic location of the prestigious School, Attending  GW meant you will be a neighbor of the Smithsonian Museum (The World’s largest museum, education and research complex ), The International Monetary Fund ( IMF)  Headquarters as well being close to  the Doorstep of the Supreme Court of USA.

Being a member of GW means that you will have access to the most hallowed  Institutions and formidable leaders in the world. To top it all you will be fully equipped with tools to change minds, shape laws, influence entire fields of study from the United State of America’s National Capital to the four Corners of the Earth.  Amazing right? 

The benefits of Information Sessions with Institutions are endless, it ranges from having personal interactions with staff members, familiarization with a campus of your dreams to asking questions that are peculiar to you. All these benefits were checked in the information session with George Washington University.