US Embassy Ghana and Mobile Web Ghana Commemorates “ 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence” at American Corner, Agbogba

The US Embassy  Ghana and Mobile Web Ghana are extremely dedicated to eradicating  all forms and shades  of violence against women and girls. 

The 16 days of Activism against Gender  Based Violence International  Champaign which runs from 25th November to 10th December annually, provides a powerful terrace for the whole world to fixate it’s priority to one main goal  which is eliminating violence against women and girls.

To commemorate  the 16th Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence, the US Embassy in partnership with Mobile Web Ghana , hosted an event under  this year’s UNiTE!   theme “ Eliminate Violence against women and Girls” at the American Corner, Agbogba on the 8th December,2022.

Florence Toffa, the director of Mobile Web Ghana accompanied  the Deputy Chief of Mission, Her Excellency Nicole Chulick on a brief tour of the American Corner Building  and this was followed by a photography session with Nicole Chulick and the Panelists, American Corner staff and audience members. 

The Deputy Chief of Mission of US Embassy Ghana, Nicole Chulick  gave the welcome address and expressed her passion for the fight against gender based violence.Also, the event also featured three (3) Girl-Child students  from Umar Bun Haatab, beneficiaries of “ the iMentor for Girls program, an initiative by the US Embassy Ghana in partnership with  Mobile Web Ghana, which seeks to nurture, empower and equip girls to realize/reach their full leadership potential through mentorship. The three(3) girls shared their account about how their participation in the program  had significantly  boosted their confidence and self esteem, as well as the awareness on sexual harassment/assault. 

Two-Change makers in Activism against Gender Based Violence, Bashiratu Kamal – Labor Specialist/Gender Activist -Center for Social Justice and Patience Quaye – Assistant Commissioner of Police, Rtd/ Executive Director – Giving Hope Foundation  delivered exceptional  eye-opening remarks on the theme “ UNiTE to Violence against Women and Girls. 


Patience Quaye in her presentation highlighted various relevant sub-topics such as :

  • Why is Domestic Violence a Big Issue ?
  • Statistics and the  LAW 
  • Shared Stories of Victims of Gender-Based Violence

An emotional moment it was, when she invited a victim of Gender Based Violence on stage who willingly shared her experience with the audience. Two teenagers(Male) who were victims of sexual harassment also shared their experiences.   

Likewise, Bashiratu Kamal delivered her open remarks with a presentation that covered these various sub-headings: 

  • Understanding Gender Based Violence and harassment 
  • Types of Sexual Harassment 
  • What the LAW say about sexual harassment and Gender Based Violence

The Panel discussion moderated by Florence Toffa( Director of Mobile Web Ghana) exemplified the UNiTE! theme for this year’s International activism campaign.

According to UN Women statistics, more than five women or girls are killed every hour by someone in their family ( The  two panelists: Bashiratu Kamal and Patience Quaye took the audience on an awakening journey sharing their work field experiences in eliminating violence against women and girls, followed by a Q & A session. The audience were actively involved in the discussion and asked questions pertaining  how to address  different  scenarios of  Gender Based Violence & Sexual Harassment cases. The questions were well addressed by the panelists.

The event was crowned with most of the participants eagerly  coming forward to show their appreciation with the enlightenment they had received from the  presentations and panel discussion. One of the participants shared her experience regarding a workplace sexual harassment she faced and said “ I wish I knew then what I have learnt here, I would have voiced out about what I went through”

Most certainly, no stone was left unturned in the event. The  Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU) dedicated hotline was shared  to help participants to report any cases of abuse.  The US Embassy Ghana in partnership with Mobile Web Ghana  is calling out to stakeholders, the civil society and  the general public to continue the  amplification of awareness, invigoration of  advocacy efforts and the sharing of knowledge and innovations to completely annihilate violence against women and girls.