What You Need to Know to Land Your Dream Job: CV Reviews at American Corner Agbogba

Attending CV reviews is important because it provides an opportunity to get expert feedback, keep up with trends in CV writing, get inspiration, build confidence, and network with professionals from different fields and industries.

The American Spaces & Support Programming initiative from The US Embassy Ghana in partnership with Mobile Web Ghana is providing work-ready programs as a great step towards addressing unemployment and improving job readiness skills.

As part of the project, A CV review was hosted at American Corner Agbogba on the 3rd May,2023. The session brought together participants to learn about new trends in CV writing and how to improve their resumes.

The session started with the facilitator, Mr Joseph Sam an HR Practitioner from Elidel Prestige Ltd emphasizing the importance of tailoring your CV to the specific job you’re applying for. He highlighted that customizing your CV shows the hiring manager that you’re a serious candidate who has taken the time to understand the job requirements. The facilitator then went on to talk about the importance of a clear and concise summary statement, the use of action verbs, and the need to quantify your accomplishments.

The facilitator then projected selected CVs from the participants for the group to critique. This exercise was particularly useful as it gave attendees an opportunity to apply what they had learned and see firsthand how to improve their own CVs. The group gave constructive feedback, pointing out areas that needed improvement and offering suggestions on how to make the CVs more compelling.


After the session, the participants commended the program with positive feedback. They appreciated the interactive nature of the session and the practical approach used to demonstrate how to write an effective CV. They also appreciated the facilitator’s professionalism and willingness to provide personalized feedback on their individual CVs.

Overall, the CV review session at the American Corner was highly informative and engaging. The use of real-world examples and interactive exercises made the session more practical and relevant. Attendees left with a deeper understanding of how to improve their CVs and the confidence to apply what they had learned in their job search. The positive feedback from the participants is a testament to the success of the program, and we look forward to future sessions.