Celebrating a Transformative Journey: Grand Finale of our Youth Media Literacy Project

Since its launch on December 9th, 2022, the Youth Media Literacy Project, an initiative between Mobile Web Ghana and the US Embassy in Ghana, has empowered more than 50 young media students in tertiary institutions to contribute to creating and consuming quality media content in the country.  It has equipped them with the knowledge and skills to know more about the media in today’s world and navigate it responsibly. We are excited to announce the culmination of this incredible journey that we started more than six months ago – the Grand Finale of our Youth Media Literacy Project on September 7th, 2023 at the premises of the US Embassy in Ghana.



After twelve engaging sessions conducted both online and in person, numerous social media campaigns and twitter spaces, we’re thrilled to bring this transformative project to its peak. Each activity, meticulously curated to address pertinent media literacy topics, has equipped our participants and audience with the knowledge they need to decipher the complexities of the media landscape.

From detecting bias in media narratives to the art of creating media content, from understanding digital rights to navigating the realm of new media, our project has touched upon diverse aspects of media literacy. These sessions have nurtured critical thinking, fostering a generation of young individuals who approach media with discernment and confidence.


The heart of our project lies in the empowerment of youth voices. We’ve witnessed participants evolve from passive consumers to active creators, gaining the skills to question, analyze, and contribute to media narratives that shape our society.

Our Grand Finale event is a celebration of the hard work of these participants, their transformation, and knowledge. The day will be filled with a line of interesting activities, including participants’ project presentations that showcase their application of what they have learned in the practical world. Furthermore, we are honored to welcome distinguished media literacy advocates and influencers, who will be present to grace the event and lend their wisdom to the occasion.

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