Elevate Your Teaching Skills with Series 18 of the American English Webinar at American Corner,Agbogba

Are you an educator passionate about honing your teaching skills, staying updated with the latest trends in English language teaching (ELT), and becoming a part of a global community of educators? Look no further! Series 18 of the American English Webinar for Teacher’s Development at American Corner, Agbogba  is here, and it’s promising to be an enriching journey for educators from all around the world!!

In an ever-evolving educational landscape, professional development for teachers is paramount. Staying updated with the latest teaching methodologies, language trends, and technology is essential to create dynamic and effective learning environments

What to Expect in Series 18

  • Access to ELT Experts: This series promises to bring you closer to the forefront of ELT by featuring expert facilitators who will guide you through various facets of teaching English. These experts will share their knowledge, experiences, and insights to help you become a more effective and informed educator.
  • Explore Current TESOL Trends and Techniques: Staying updated with the latest trends and techniques in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is crucial for educators. In Series 18, you can expect to explore innovative teaching methodologies, technology integration, and other cutting-edge strategies that will keep your teaching practices relevant and engaging.
  • Join a Global Community of Educators: One of the most valuable aspects of the American English Webinar series is the opportunity to connect with educators from around the world. By participating, you’ll become a part of a diverse and dynamic community of educators who are passionate about English language teaching. This network can offer ongoing support, collaboration, and a platform for sharing ideas.
  • Digital Badge for Participation: Your commitment to professional development deserves recognition, and Series 18 will provide participants with a digital badge upon completion of the series. This badge serves as a symbol of your dedication to enhancing your teaching skills
  • Certificate of Participation from the US Embassy Ghana: As a testament to your active participation and completion of the American English Webinar Series, you will receive a certificate of participation from the US Embassy Ghana. This certificate is not only a valuable addition to your professional portfolio but also a mark of distinction in the field of ELT.

Join Us in the Ongoing Session

If you’re ready to embark on this exciting journey of professional development, don’t hesitate to join the ongoing session of Series 18. Here’s your chance to enhance your teaching skills, gain insights from experts, and connect with educators from all corners of the globe. The American English Webinar Series is not just an opportunity; it’s a platform that can transform your teaching and impact the lives of your students. American English Live Series 18 runs from September 6 to November 15, 2023. Series events take place every other Wednesday during the series at 12:00pm GMT 

The first two webinars in the series will explore integrating Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) in the EFL classroom, while the final four sessions will focus on developing learners’ critical thinking skills:

Webinar 1, September 6, 2023: Improve Student Communication by Developing Social Emotional Skills by Laura Leslie

Webinar 2, September 20, 2023: Exploring Hope Theory and Social Emotional Learning Concepts through CLIL by Donita Grissom

Webinar 3, October 4, 2023: Critical Thinking in the EFL Classroom: Engaging and Empowering Students by Serena Chu-Mraz

Webinar 4, October 18, 2023: Thinking Critically about Illustrations by Hema Ramanathan

Webinar 5, November 1, 2023: I wonder…Activities that Teach Young Learners to Think Critically by Adrienne Johnson

Webinar 6, November 15, 2023: Metacognition: Empowering Students to Monitor and Evaluate their Learning by Dorea Jackson


To join, simply register here: https://bit.ly/RegisterAEWebinar

Whether you’re an experienced educator or just starting your teaching journey, there’s something valuable for everyone in Series 18. Don’t miss out on this enriching experience that can elevate your teaching skills and open doors to new opportunities in the world of English language education.