Breaking Barriers: Empowering Girls in STEM

In a world where Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) play a pivotal role in shaping the future, empowering young minds with knowledge and inspiration is a noble endeavor.

Recently, the US Embassy organized a transformative STEM session at the American Corner in Agbogba, Ghana, aimed at nurturing the talents and ambitions of girl students from ten different senior high schools. The highlight of the session was a captivating talk by the distinguished Professor LaShandra T. J. Korley, a luminary in the field of materials science and engineering. Let’s delve into the insights and inspiration that flowed from this remarkable event


A Remarkable Facilitator: Professor LaShandra T. J. Korley

The session was graced by the presence of Professor LaShandra T. J. Korley, a prominent figure in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Delaware. She has a stellar career, boasting numerous accomplishments, including her directorship of the award-winning Energy Frontier Research Center, Center for Plastics Innovation (CPI), and her role as the Co-Director of UD Center for Hybrid, Active, and Responsive Materials (UD CHARM).

A Path Paved with Dedication

Professor Korley’s keynote address provided a fascinating glimpse into her academic journey, from its humble beginnings to her current distinguished position. She emphasized the importance of volunteerism, teamwork, internships, and partnerships as essential components of a student’s educational experience

Engineering as Problem Solving and Teamwork

Transitioning to the heart of the session, Professor Korley underscored the essence of engineering as problem solving, quantitative analysis, and teamwork. She stressed the importance of cultivating a mindset that considers entire systems, a fundamental aspect of the engineering profession.

Professor Korley gave the participants a glimpse into her research areas, which include Nature-Inspired Hybrid Polymers, Plastic Waste Management, and Creating Materials from Biogas. Her engaging presentation illuminated the intricate process of recycling plastic waste and explained how polymers, consisting of repeating units, can be transformed into diverse colors, sizes, and forms through chemical processes.

Inspiration and Aspirations

Professor LaShandra T. J. Korley’s insights and wisdom not only shed light on the exciting world of STEM but also imparted life lessons that extend far beyond the classroom. As these budding scientists  embark on their educational journeys, they carry with them the torch of inspiration and the knowledge that they can conquer any obstacle on their path to greatness.