Let the Fun Genius Out: Junior High School Math Competition

Every year on March 14th, the world comes together to celebrate International Mathematics Day! This day recognizes the critical role mathematics plays in our lives, from solving everyday problems to driving innovation across various fields

This year, American Corner Agbogba took the celebration a step further by hosting a “Let the Fun Genius Out” Junior High School Math Competition. Partnering with African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), and SEED Afrique, the event brought together students from Ga East, Adenta, and La Nkwantanang educational directorates.

The competition wasn’t just about crunching numbers! It was designed to make learning math engaging and fun. Students participated in:

Interactive warm-up challenges: Math Charades and Bingo got the brains buzzing and created a lighthearted atmosphere.

Fundamental math concept challenges: These exercises tested students’ understanding of core mathematical concepts in a competitive yet stimulating way.

Allowance-budget challenges: This practical application of math skills allowed students to see how math plays a role in real-life financial decisions

SEED Afrique kept things lively as quiz masters for the Math Charades and Bingo, while AIMS Ghana representatives judged the competition and even took on a quiz master role for the fundamental math challenges.

This event exemplifies American Spaces’ commitment to investing in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education. By sparking an interest in math at a young age, we can empower future generations to become innovators and problem-solvers across various disciplines.