Supporting Boys’ Mental Health and Combating Gender-Based Violence: A Recap of The Mobile Web Ghana’s Event at American Corner,Agbogba

This generation is growing up in an era of new and daunting challenges: Mental health struggles are prevalent among adolescents, with boys facing a concerning reality. Despite girls reporting higher depression rates, suicide rates are significantly higher among boys, often due to societal pressures to suppress emotions (Source: The Jed Foundation)

Addressing this gap, Mobile Web Ghana in partnership with the US Embassy Ghana, held a powerful event at the American Corner,Agbogba themed: “A New Narrative: Supporting Boys’ Mental Health, Combating Gender Based Violence aimed to encourage boys to be active participants in dismantling gender-based violence.

The program featured a screening of the impactful documentary “The Mask You Live In,” followed by a thought-provoking discussion led by Crepindale Quist, Programs Coordinator at The Empowerment Institute, and Florence Toffa, Director of The Mobile Web Ghana. We were honored to have Liza Steger and other distinguished guests from the US Embassy Ghana join us for this crucial conversation.

Presbyterian Boys Senior High School students actively participated in the program, demonstrating the importance of engaging young men in the fight against gender-based violence. By openly discussing the often-overlooked struggles boys face with regards to mental health and societal expectations, the event aimed to foster a generation of young men who are:

  • Emotionally aware and able to express their feelings in healthy ways.
  • Critical thinkers who challenge harmful gender stereotypes.
  • Active advocates for gender equality and respectful relationships.

This program was a significant step forward in shifting the narrative around boys and gender-based violence. By acknowledging the need to support boys’ mental health and well-being, we can empower them to become allies in creating a world free from violence and discrimination. Together, we can build a future where boys stand alongside girls as agents of positive change.

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